PATRIZIA Agate Beaded Bracelet

SKU: VH-1620-B-TUR

Handmade impressive bracelet by Vanity Her. The PATRIZIA Agate Beaded Bracelet features four separate elastic bracelets made with light mint crystal beads and mint-tone round agate stones. The bracelets are connected to an impressive, large oval element, decorated with crystal beads, turquoise agate and jade stones and larger crystals. The bracelet features a metallic silver-toned charm with the brand’s logo. Vanity Her’s bracelet is elastic and fits to all wrists. 
VOGUE’s Favorite Jewelry 
Choose the PATRIZIA Agate Beaded Bracelet for an evening look and add tones of elegant sparkle. Wear it with a maxi dress, high heels and a ring in turquoise and mint hues for an extra stylish look. 

- Elastic 
- Hand-Crafted 
- Jade and Agate semi-precious stones and crystal beads 
- Slight Imperfections are due to craftsmanship 
- Made Italy 

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