OLIVE OYL Light Blue Fashion News Printed Umbrella




Multicolored umbrella by Moschino Cheap & Chic. The OLIVE OYL Fashion News Umbrella is part of Moschino’s fashionable OLIVE OYL umbrella line. It has a light blue color base and is decorated with Popeye’s famous Cartoon Lady Olive Oyl. The umbrella features Olive Oyl, as a Hollywood Celebrity, reading the Fashion News Magazine, with main title «WHO IS OLIVE OYL?». Moschino’s umbrella has internal aluminium spokes, an automatic button mechanism to open and close and a very comfortable handle. Moschino’s umbrella is made of windproof and rustproof material, securing its durability for many years. It comes with a protective pouch bag, featuring the same Olive Oyl pattern and Moschino's logo, as well as with a small decorative accessory with Olive Oyl's figure. 

Product Details
- 100% Polyester
- Windproof
- Rustproof / Aluminium Internal spokes
- Automatic Open / Close Mechanism
- Snap-fastening Tab 
- Comes in multicolored pouch 
- Small Accessory featuring Olive Oyl
- Length: 11.33’’ / 28.8cm
- Diameter: 42.32’’ / 1.7.5cm
- Handle Length: 2.75’’/ 7cm
- Weight: 13.47oz/ 382gr

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