DOPPLER UNI Mini Slim Purple Umbrella

SKU: DO-722631DIS12-PU


Purple, superthin umbrella by Doppler. The UNI Mini Slim Purple Umbrella is very light to hold and has a super-thin shape to fit everywhere. Doppler’s Umbrella has internal spokes, a manual open-close mechanism and a comfortable handle. The umbrella is made of Doppler’s famous high quality ALU-Steel components that make it extremely windproof and rustproof, securing its durability for many years, making it very light to hold. 

Product Details
- 100% Polyester
- Windproof

- Rustproof
- Internal spokes
- Manual Open – Close 
- Snap-fastening Tab
- Comes in purple pouch
- Made of Steel ALU Steel Components 
- Length: 8.66’’ / 22cm
- Diameter: 34.25’’ / 87cm
- Weight: 5.99oz / 170g

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