Gaea Beige Leather Sandals

SKU: 19-102-65/121-S20_35


GAEA Sandals

Choose a pair of Greacus sandals, wear a piece of history and be inspired!

Impressive handmade leather sandals by Graecus. Inspired by Greek mythology Goddess Gaea, the sandals feature a beige/camel leather.

  • Leather, Handmade
  • Made in Greece
  • Color: Camel
  • Heel: 0.23 in / 0.6cm

    size US 5 / EU 35:  9.06 in / 23cm
    size US 6 / EU 36:  9.25 in / 23.5cm
    size US 7 / EU 37:  9.45 in / 24cm
    size US 8 / EU 38:  9.65 in / 24.5cm

    size US 9 / EU 39:  10 in / 25.5cm
    size US 10 / EU 40:  10.24 in / 26cm
    size US 11 / EU 41:  10.63 in / 27cm
    size US 12 / EU 42:  10.83 in / 27.5cm

    GRAECUS – the brand

    Graecus is about Greece.

    Graecus was born with the mission to spiritually illuminate us on Greek history, Greek origins, myth, art, civilization, Greek traditions, quality and craftmanship.

    Through the creation of sandals - unique in quality and design - Graecus aims to bring the Greek mythology and history to life, highlighting all of its well-known but also unknown protagonists.

    Choose your own pair of Graecus sandals, wear a piece of history and be inspired!


    Gaea (Gea) in Greek mythology was the first of the Gods and Goddesses. She was the Goddess of Earth and the primordial Deities, the Mother Goddess of all life, complete in herself, the creator of the Earth and the Universe, the first Deity from whom all others sprang.

    Gaea was born of Chaos and then she created Uranus and the starry sky. She was the mother of Titans, who in turn created the Olympic Gods and Goddesses.

    Gaea was the very personification of the celestial body which housed all of life. The Greeks believed that an oath sworn by Gaea was the strongest, since no one could escape from the Earth herself.

    Gaea was described as the giver of dreams, the nourisher of the Earth, the plants and young children. Gaea had prophetic powers, superhuman strength, stamina, durability and was an Immortal.

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