FABIO TOSI ROSE Turquoise Chevalier Ring

SKU: FT-R-13004-BL

Cute chevalier ring by Fabio Tosi. The ROSE Turquoise Chevalier Ring consists of a brass gold-tone ring base, a rose element in turquoise color made of coral paste, a white crystal bead and turquoise coral flakes. The opening of the ring is adjustable and fits all fingers. 

Embellish your fingers with the ROSE Turquoise Chevalier Ring! Pair it with a multicolor printed tunic in earthy and aqua tones, beige shorts and sandals in coral and turquoise colors, together with accessories in turquoise, red and beige tones for a perfect casual appearance! 

- Adjustable ring opening 
- Rose element, made of coral paste in turquoise shade 

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