DOPPLER UNI Magic Fiber Brown Umbrella

SKU: DO-744146312-BR


Brown automatic umbrella by Doppler. The UNI Magic Fiber Brown Umbrella is light to hold and is fully automatic. Doppler’s Umbrella has internal spokes, an automatic button mechanism to open and close and a very comfortable handle. The umbrella is made of Doppler’s famous high quality ALU-Fiberglas components that make it extremely windproof and rustproof, securing its durability for many years, making it very light to hold. 

Product Details
- 100% Polyester
- Windproof
- Rustproof
- Internal spokes
- Automatic Open - Close Mechanism
- Snap-fastening Tab

- Comes in brown pouch
- Made of Steel ALU Fiberglas Components
- Length: 10.62’’ / 27cm
- Diameter: 38.18’’ / 97cm
- Handle Length: 2.36’’/ 6cm
- Weight: 10.65oz/ 302g

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